FlatOut 2

FlatOut 2

If you like to see violent races with wrecked cars, don't miss this!
4.4  (18 votes)

Flat Out is a highly addictive game from Empire Interactive. At first sight, it seems like just a racing game, but the main goal is not just to finish on the first places, this is about surviving the race...the harder you hit your opponents, the more you get points, credits, and nitro.

Believe me, after you finish your first race, I can assure that your fingers will ask you for more action. It is very addictive!

The experience of the game is totally unique, the graphic detail is awesome. Every car has 20 or 30 destructible parts, so you can feel how your car is more and more wrecked on each collision. Moreover, on each track we can find posts, fences, barrels and many more objects to knock down.

Music is an essential part of such games, and the BGM tracks are well balanced. Audioslave, Papa Roach, Rob Zombie, Nickelback and many other bands will be present with vibrant songs to create an exciting atmosphere.

And if you are a very busy person and prefer the short games, you can choose different game modes, like the 1-minute individual derby, or the single race.

If you like cars, and want to have a good time, just try it out!

Review summary


  • Stunning graphics, excellent music!


  • Maybe some people will find it harmful for children, you know
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